379109_10150397132786683_1061991761_nHi.  I’m David.

I’m a 30 year old dude from Ohio who is very passionate about exploring the art and science of mixing music.  When I’m not turning wrenches on my Trans Am, gaming, or hanging out with my family… I’m likely either DJing, or writing about it.  I have a great life, but when the going gets rough, music is my therapy.

I’m not a superstar DJ or platinum-selling producer.  I am, however, very confident in my abilities as a DJ and felt like I had a lot to say on the subject.

My Story

I became interested in DJing as a byproduct of my interest in producing, which I have been doing on some level since I was a young teenager.  When I was a kid, I took piano lessons (for about 10 years) and while I enjoyed playing, I found that my real interest was in composing/producing my own music.  Initially I was doing things like making rap beats out of funny things my younger brothers said, or making parodies of more known songs (think Weird Al).  But eventually, I started to take it more seriously and it became a real hobby… and eventually, a passion.

My desire to DJ came out of a desire to perform and share music with other people.  In my very early 20s, using a pair of ancient Pioneer CDJ-700s, I taught myself the ins-and-outs of DJing (at least, from a technical perspective).  Luckily, growing up on the piano gave me an edge when it came to things like counting, phrasing, harmonic mixing, and so on.

Unfortunately, at the time of my piquing interest in the subject, the DJ “scene” in my town was probably most accurately described as a barren wasteland.  So, not being satisfied with that, I began to throw my own events.  I started with the random one-off show for my buddies at a local dive bar, went from there to a slightly more established nightclub, to starting my own monthly, and eventually to doing somewhat larger scale events.  This gave both opportunities to play out, and places for people like me to go.

Nowadays I’m fairly well established in my own city (i.e. – I don’t have to beg for gigs), but I still have a long way to go.  I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning a lot.  I decided that it would be beneficial for others to learn along with me.  I’m glad to have you along for the journey.



PassionateDJ.com is an outlet for me to share my perspective in regards to DJing as an art form.  I want to show that there are people (though few and far between) who are able to perform in such a way that it exudes passion and purpose.  It allows me to give back to my community of fellow DJs and music lovers, providing a place for people to go who are interested in the psychology and the craft, rather than just discussing how to mix from a technical perspective.

I’m interested in the mental process that goes into maintaining a dance floor or providing atmosphere for an event, both from the perspective of the one playing and the one listening.

I also acknowledge the fact that, in today’s modern society, a DJ is rarely just a DJ.  In order to be heard, we have to be much more than that.  We’re all promoters.  We’re all media companies.  We’re all PR firms.

This site is dedicated to exploring the art and science of mixing music, learning to promote effectively, and becoming a better DJ through passion and purpose.

Tell Me More!

There are several aspects which make up the whole Passionate DJ picture.

Blog – This is where you can read articles from me (and the occasional guest) which span a variety of topics within the realm of DJing.  Though there is an occasional technical post or bit of industry news, most of the articles center around improving your approach to DJing, promoting, and networking.

Podcast – Here’s the audio side of things.  The Passionate DJ Podcast is a talk radio style periodical show which features in-depth discussions (and often, interviews) about DJing and all that comes along with it.

The VIP List – A mailing list for my most exclusive readers/listeners, where I send you exclusive content, articles, brain-droppings and bits of inspiration (not spam).  For Passionate DJs only!  If you’re interested in signing up (it’s free), just enter your email address and first name below.


And, of course, there’s the social media stuff!

PassionateDJ.com: Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube
David Michael: Facebook, SoundCloud

I also throw events locally under the name The Re:Vibe Project!

Oh, one more quick thing before I go…

I don’t consider myself to be any kind of authority on any of the subjects I talk about.  I realize that there is always someone out there who has been doing it longer, is better connected, or has made more money from DJing than myself.

I provide myself and my thoughts as a resource to other like-minded, passionate DJs… and while I don’t hold a master’s degree in DJ Psychology, I will do my best to provide value to you as a reader and listener.



  • Ken

    Doooooood! I live in Johannesburg, South Africa where we have had an awesome rave scene since the mid 90s, and i have to say i have never enjoyed discovering a new website as much as i have with passionatedj.com! Serious kudos to you, you are extremely knowledgable about this subject matter and are a seriously good writer.

    Even though i am not involved in the music industry in any way, the scene is a keen interest of mine and you have inspired me with your wise words of encouragement and cool head. The concept of passing on knowledge as a form of paying it forward goes beyond the dj fraternity and should be applied in all walks of life to ensure continuity.

    Whatever you do please keep your unofficial movement going so we can collectively fix the problem with the global dance music scene, even if it is just people’s mindsets that need to change!

    • Wow Ken, thanks so much for the kind words!

      My entire goal is to show that you can be passionate about this whole music mixing thing, without having a big head about it. Forcing your ideas on people has rarely worked for anything, historically. Ego and stubbornness are like cancer to a music scene.

      The best thing about starting this website is finding other people who feel the same way.

      Cheers, and I hope you will stick around. 🙂

  • David,
    I really enjoy you website. I randomly came across it a few months ago and I never looked back.
    Your articles are well written, well thought out and authentic. I’ve taken a lot from your messages and want to thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge on this blog. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep coming back!

    Would love to work together in the near future.



    • Thanks so much, Kilma… glad to have you onboard my friend. 🙂

  • Dj Wasluv

    I really appreciate you mr david for this rare opportunity you gave to us in our passion to become a dj, please i want to become a dj and i don’t know how to go about it and i want you to help me am==> abdul wasiu adekunle opeyemi aka dj wasluv from nigeria.my phone number is +2348188223014 have a wonderful time.bye for now

  • Hello,
    I’m fairly new to all of this, and have come across your site, I’ll be doing some reading in the next day for sure. Thanks for the time it took to put this together. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again, for now, keep shining bro….

    • Thanks a ton, Isaiah… definitely keep the comments coming!

  • Brenda Torres

    Happy to have found you and your feedback. ..I know I will grow leaps and bounds with your sites.

  • I’m very glad my message resonates with you Kenyotta, and thanks so much for the kind words.

    Please don’t be a stranger, it’s great to have you on board!

  • Hi Sir ,I’m Obed from Ghana I’m willing to learn a lot from You..I’m so much in love with Djing..You doing a great job out there and keep the fire burning..God bless You

    • Thanks so much, Obed, and I appreciate your emails!

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  • Preet Joshi


  • angel

    Hey men I read your post and its good, I have 17 years and I really love music I like create edm music butI like that people understand the song I hope that I learn something from your blog and thanks for your time… see ya

  • Todd Barber

    I just stumbled across your site via a Google search. I haven’t yet listened to any of your podcasts but I’ve been reading some of your articles. You have some good content here. Insightful information that I’m sure will help other DJs. Thanks for sharing with the community.